AfroEuro Foundation has the pleasure to announce The Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair from 22nd to 23rd June 2023 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The annual event promotes trade and investment opportunities between the Netherlands and  Ghana.

The theme of the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair is “Digital Transformations in Economic Development’’. The event is expected to stimulate collaborations on business opportunities in innovations between the two countries, especially health investments and technology; affordable housing; innovations in agricultural production & value chain and Financial Technology Innovations (FINTECH).

The business fair is held in collaboration with the Ghana Embassy in The Netherlands, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), PharmAccess Foundation, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA).

Following the successful event last year, the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair will connect entrepreneurs, startups, policymakers, venture funds and institutions with the following  aims:

  • Understand the business and startups dynamics and decode business opportunities.
  • Provide deep insight into the business ideas and opportunities to expand your business.
  • nderstand the emerging opportunities for new start-ups and business ventures. Explore opportunities and network with potential business  partners.
  • Connect with business incubators, technology institutions, and marketing agencies
  • Connect with Government agencies, financial technology platforms, angel investors, venture capital funds, and bankers

Participation in the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair is expected to benefit:

  • Businesses  and entrepreneurs.
  • Incubators, start-ups, investors, banks, VC funds, FinTech platforms. Experts. policy makers and senior  corporate executives.
  • Education, research and development institutions. Educated youth looking for business opportunities.

All interested individuals, prospective business owners and companies who wish to participate in the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair are cordially invited to register online. For visa, travel arrangements and participation, contact us via email for more information and further  clarification.