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Company Round Trip Sparks Business Deals for Ghanaian Entrepreneurs

Ten Ghanaian businessmen and women from the Ghana private and public sector joined the annual Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair for a round trip company visit from Monday the 27th till Wednesday the 29th of January to spark business deals.

The Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair company round trip is initiated by Afro Euro Foundation with the goal to combine the leading 3-day event with a trade mission. The Ghanaian delegates were taken through a front-row view at a select list of companies from the agribusiness, recycling and construction sectors. A hands-on meetup to embark on future partnerships.

The farmers from the group discovered how all aspects of horticulture come together at the World Horti Centre, an exhibition and trade centre in Honselerdijk. They learned more on how one location facilitates trade, research, education combined. At Deliflor in Maasdijk, the group explored more on flower growing and atomisation.

Waste no more

As waste management continues to be a growing topic in Ghana, the delegates sought to explore strategies for next level waste management at Renewi Recycling. This visit was unique in its kind, due to the information character of waste management. Both Dutch and Ghanaian entrepreneurs seek to establish a partnership to inform Ghanaians on innovations and efficiency.

Middle tech: a practical middle ground

A current problem in Ghana is utilizing milk production. Den Hartog, a cow milking company based in Kollum touched on acquiring fresh milk for local people. The entrepreneurs seek to establish something beyond trade: future collaborations to upskill Ghanaian farmers by way of middle tech farming. A next stage way of farming, that requires a lean way of applying technology for efficient harvesting and farming in Ghana.

The entrepreneurs explored more opportunities when it comes to farming at Kootwijkerbroek Varkens, a piggery in Kootwijkerbroek. And at the Wageningen University, where they explored the fishery department. An excluded visit of JD homes to Oskam delivered a partnership for affordable housing in Ghana.

International partnerships

Afro Euro foundation aims to empower Ghanaian entrepreneurs by emphasizing the importance of building international relationships. The company round trip brought about a good ground to develop Ghanaian projects and businesses with an innovative character in mind.