Netherlands- Ghana Business Fair


Day two saw the Ghanaian delegation visit Renewi a waste management company that deals in collection, sorting, processing, re-using, recycling, soil cleaning, composting, landfill, refuse-derivedfuel production and industrial cleaning.

The second company visit of the day took place at Rijk Zwaan, a vegetable breeding company that develops new vegetable varieties and sell the seeds produced from them all over the world.

Later that evening, Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Hon. Herbert Krapa, gave a keynote address while unveiling Ghana’s digitalization strategy. This took place at TU Delft’s Green Village, notably known as a living lab for sustainable innovations in home, work and living environments with close collaboration with government bodies and the public.

Pictures: Ghana digitalization strategy address at TU Delft by Honourable Herbert Krapa Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Ghana.

After his speech, Hon. Herbert Krapa Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ghana pitches were held by researchers at TU Delft and a panel discussion was held. This then gave rise to networking event and light moments for pictures and conversations about Ghana and the possibilities the Netherlands had for more engagement and problem solving.

Day 1

Day 3