Netherlands- Ghana Business Fair


Two other company visits to LMC Chrysanten company and Amar Import & Export which is a leading exotic wholesaler and horticulture company in The Hague, The Netherlands with over 30 years of experience in exotic fruit, vegetables, and specialty products.

After a heavy day in the field, it was time for the SDG Café which encompassed more pitches from businesspeople and women with a promise to form formidable solutions and partners for new ventures.

Pictures: Network event with SDG Café, debate, and pitching.

After three compelling days, it was true to remark the age-old adage it was, “All’s well that ended well.”

The Afro – Euro Foundation look forward to welcoming more Ghanaians and Dutch businesses to the 2023 fair.

Our greatest thanks go all our team, participants, collaborators, and dignitaries that made this year’s business fair workable and worth it.

Day 2